LAN and WAN Design

It’s all about the sharing.

Your users need quick, reliable access to shared information.  What’s best for you?

Maybe you need a Local Area Network (LAN) that allows all of your computers at one location to be seamlessly connected. Sharing both files and high-quality printers saves time and money, and makes document revisions more manageable. LANs simplify backup and security too, because data is stored in one location.

Or maybe you need to connect multiple LANs in different locations into a Wide Area Network (WAN) for your organization.  T1, Frame Relay, Wireless Radio and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) – we can do them all, so you’re efficient end-to-end and around the bend.

We’re wizards at both Microsoft Windows™ and Novell Netware™ networks, as well as WAN Optimization, Wide Area File Services, and Data Replication. We’ll show you how you can save real time and real money every single day.

Computer Help Key will create a friendly and secure work environment for all of your users following best practices when designing your network. We’ll review directory structures, naming conventions, security and backups with the utmost care so your organization is always up and running at peak performance.